Let's get Wendi set up! Check out the 5-minute videos below to get started.


Questions? Just email customersuccess@werecover.com or schedule an onboarding meeting and we'll get you all set up.

How to login + install mobile app

How to login for the first time + how to download our app.

Wendi Phone + missed call responses

How to use our phone and messaging system - as your primary phone system, or just to handle calls that you miss. 

Match Settings 

How to "train" Wendi to know who to screen out and who to connect you with.


Wendi chatbot setup

Program Wendi to respond to different situations automatically just like you or you admins would.


Insurance eligibility checks

How to use Wendi to manually and automatically check insurance benefits.

Calendar & Scheduling

Push events into your calendar. If your calendar doesn't have a "public" scheduling link, you'll need to sync it to Google Calendar then create a Calendly account (it's free).


Install Wendi on your website

Here are our Wendi installation guides. Give this link to whomever manages your website - or, take a look yourself to install Wendi. 


Uploading patients from your EHR

How to upload all of your current patients from your EHR into Wendi - so that you can message and call them + run insurance eligibility checks.